True life savers!!! The service was exceptional and the team was highly professional, crazy efficient, and sincere (you know how some shops will lie to you, especially when they can tell you have little knowledge of the vehicle, not so with this shop and that alone deserves ten stars). We were visiting San Francisco from Tracy on a Saturday and were heading back when one of the tires went nearly flat. Fortunately, we were near a gas station when it happened and were able to pull in to try to place air in the tire. We had to ask for help to random strangers because none of us knew what to do. One guy fortunately helped us fill the tire but highly recommended we head into a shop because he doubted we would be able to make the journey back to Tracy and suspected the tire had a nail. By this time, it was 6:00 PM on a Saturday so we were scared we would not be able to find a shop open. We googled for one and thank goodness Juarez was still open. We called in to confirm, explained the situation, and the guy who responded was very nice and assured us he would be waiting for us. We made it to the shop and these guys were amazing! They took one look at the car and knew immediately it was not only the one tire, but all four tires (we found out this day the owner of the car had not checked the tire pressure in ages). Because the guy at the gas station had scared us we also asked the Juarez team to make sure there was no nail in the tire, which they did so patiently and promptly. All in all, the whole fix took about 15 minutes (if even that). As it was just the air they did not even charge us a regular price but only asked for a tip. These guys went above and beyond and saved us that day because we were panicking. Now we know where to go if anything ever happens again when we are in the city. This team is everything you could want: knowledgeable, efficient, professional, sincere, and on top of it very understanding, patient, and nice!

Justin T. San Francisco, CA

I needed new tires for a road trip to the mountains and they were able to get the right tires in and lock in an appointment before my dealer could even confirm their inventory. Joel and his team were super easy to work with and there were no surprises. I will be coming back.

Patrick W. San Francisco, CA

Great service and great price. Joel is a true expert. This will be my go to tire shop!

Anna K. San Francisco, CA

We had a flat the night before and filled it back up but we were nervous about a leak so we called around a couple shops. There were very few that were opened Sunday late evening including this one. But Juarez said that he’ll meet us up anyways. We arrived first and the shop was indeed closed. He arrived shortly after, opened up shop and did a thorough inspection of our tire. We were on the road in half an hour. His service and dedication is top notch. I don’t know many other shops that are willing to open their shop up for very little money. His inspection and new valve stem for the TPMS was 25 bucks, which doing all that for us was a very good deal. I’ll definitely be going back for my tire needs

Raymond C. San Francisco, CA

Very satisfied with their services and attentions, I got new brakes and it was faster than I was expecting since they ordered the parts until installation, definitely excellent quality and fair prices

Wendy C. Russian Hill, CA

I got a flat at work today during my lunch hour and searched for tire service.  This location did not show up as the first taco recommendation but I decided to check it out.  Upon arriving, I was immediately greeted by Joel.  I explained my situation and also let him know that I needed to purchase 2 new tires.  He asked me what type and budget I had.  Upon agreeing on the tires, he immediately began to service my vehicle.  I would have been done within the hour but I decided to do my rotors and brake pads too as I had complete confidence in him.  My last experience was with mission tires and that was a complete cc’d tray from the experience I had today.  I will be back to Juarez with any future automotive needs.

Joseph C. San Francisco, CA

I was looking for a place to get my tire repair on a Sunday. You know it’s hard to find a tire place open on a Sunday. I was looking on yelp and came across Juarez tires and brakes. I called Juarez around 4 pm and he said they are still open and to come on down. I quickly drove down there and met Juarez. He is so friendly and professional. He looked at my tire and said I can repair it within 10 mins. I would totally come be to Juarez tires and brakes. Couldn’t ask for a more friendly and professional mechanic.

Teddy Y. San Francisco, CA

Great service! I took my car in for a brake service. They were very quick and very nice to me they explained everything they did to my car. I recommend this place very much. They also offer very good prices.

Natali J. San Francisco, CA

So great that they are open later in the day. Really convenient after leaving work so head over without rushing. They were super quick, nice, helpful, and explained in detail what was going on with my TPMS. I will definitely come back if I need anything else from them!

Ariel H. San Francisco, CA

Came here for a set of new tires. He was very helpful in deciding what was best. In this chaotic world, I felt it very important to support a local business at this time. We sat and discussed all my options with himself or another garage, he was very honest on price breakdown, drivability and all around needs. I would definitely recommend coming here. He has some brands in his shop for immediate install or can order a plethora of others to arrive the next day. 4 tires installed within an hour.

Juanita C. San Francisco, CA